Sravna is a teaching and solutions center based in Chennai, India that aims to develop and enhance people's, thinking, knowledge and quality of life. We believe that people should possess right objective and subjective knowledge and right attitude, for the growth of self and society.

Objective Knowledge is properly initiated through formal education. Education should impart knowledge in a holistic way and one of our objectives is to espouse that cause. Education should also kindle the natural and latent skills of students and make them proficient in logical thinking. Such an education system can provide a firm foundation for students to take on life and succeed.

As one grows, one also needs to understand the importance of knowledge of the inner world for coping up with the pressures of the world and for peace. This is about understanding the unity underlying the world. Since the reality is inner to us, the experiences are personal and each one realizes the inner truth of unity through his own interactions. The realization is aided by external guidance and right frame of mind. Thus the knowledge of what is in the external world and the knowledge of what is inner to us are both essential for a meaningful and fulfilling life.

We have initiated a number of projects in this task of helping people to understand truths better and apply it to practical problems. We offer the highest quality service for treatment of diseases, development of one's personality and preparation for reasoning exams.